You Remember* lyrics


Lil Durk


[Verse 1: Lil Durk]
... who we spanked back in the summer time (Man, what?)
Spanked 'em late, but get-back got a date 'cause he ain't come outside (Go, go)
Feds pick up them cases who got shot down by the other side
Slide where? You better go look up cases since my brother died (Grrah)
n*ggas hoes, used to be my bros, turned to the other side
BruhBruh was my bro, but that sh*t ghost and you know he testified
Deeski tweakin', take guns for no reason, got 'em petrified
Back then you remember, we took sh*t from killers, we don't like them n*ggas (Gang)
Zoo remember, glah, you don't gotta tell me shoot remember?
You remember, they say Westbrook told and they got proof remember?
Tayski died so fu' and Pluto too, we out the roof remember? (Grrah)
Varney pop up, he the one without that tooth remember?
Tell the truth, don't bring up sh*t [?] that you ain't do, lil' n*gga
Bro 'nem slither, sss, like snakes, don't get ooped, lil' n*gga
Why you got that brr with that baow? You ain't gon' shoot, lil' n*gga (Man, what?)

[Verse 2: THF Lil Law]
When foenem said, sss, better know he talkin' 'bout me
I'm a different n*gga, knowin' I'm goin' on a drill, still pop out flee
sh*t, I remember, we laid on they ass for 'bout a week
You can ask Siri, we plot on the hoes inside that Jeep
Don't give a f*ck what n*ggas tryin' 'cause I know it won't be me
That was me, thirsty, tryna blast a G [?]
I was on his ass, he get in that door, then that's on me
But you know I ain't goin', I'ma walk his ass down with glee
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