"Future's leaked song"

I was with lil shawty
Seen that b*tch in my rari
I was playing Atari
Seen that b*tch she a midget
Seen that b*tch look like piglet

Verse 2 (Future)
See that b*tch want the di*king

Verse 3 (Technological and The Crown)
Imma sing so high
Yeah you know I can fly
Yeah like a butterfly
All these b*tches wonder why
See your b*tch up in the hive
I don't know look like a bee
I see your b*tch I plant the seed
And I was smoking on some weed

Verse 4 (Future)
I said I said I'm finna see
So I put on some bling yuh
(ha ha ha)
And I gave that girl the thing yuh
(ha ha ha ha wut?) uh
I was with a b*tch
I don't give a sh*t

(The rest of the song is inaudible)
(Intense laughter)

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