"Life Is Good (Remix)"

[Part I]

[Pre-Chorus: Future]
Say she want to eat sushi, I gave her enough to go shoppin'
Anything she want, she cashin' out without no problems
How you gon' love a n*gga that ain't got love for your mama?
You can die today, it ain't gon' save me nothin' but drama (Super)

[Chorus: Drake]
Workin' on a weekend like usual
Way off in the deep end like usual (Like usual)
n*ggas swear they passed us, they doin' too much
Haven't done my taxes, I'm too turnt up

[Verse: Future]
Help me fight my demons off, know the usual
I had put a chopper in her name and a Ruger
She hang on the block where I hang like a shooter
Throwed away a cougar, she didn't wanna leave
Treat her like garbage, my heart was on my sleeve
Should've chose better with your company at least
Why should I have love for her if you can get it out the creep?
Why should I have trust for you? You ain't get it out the creek
Why should I have love for you? You ain't kneelin' to my feet
Why should I be carin' when I know I can't be beat?
See how the ice be glarin' when I come through and retrieve
It's easy to know it's us if a body in the street
Too turned up and the plug talk Swahili
After I pay my taxes, I go Richard Mille
In another tax bracket, you n*ggas beneath me
Who causin' a racket in Jamaica on the weekend?
Half a ticket on vacation, I ripped up the receipt
And she call me daddy 'cause my money long like Stevie
Stay down with my son, right or wrong, FBG sh*t (Freebandz)
How you gon' be gang? You bang if you rich, what's in your bloodline?
Come in with some Talibans, everythin' gettin' gunned down
Halloween gang in this b*tch, sh*t gettin' scary
Three hundred thousand for the cheapest ring, cost a Bentley truck, I'm legendary, lil' b*tch
Hot, off the thermometer, lil' b*tch
Hotter than fish grease, lil' b*tch
My ring cost a big B as well as my wrist
I'm gettin' money like this, can't tell problems exist
I wake up fresh every day like I'm goin' to take a pic
Hermes hit my main line 'cause they know I'm lit
Stuffed a hundred-fifty racks in your purse, lil' b*tch
And when I wake up, go surf in your pus*y, hit
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