But I'm Himothy though, you know?
Like, yeah
That mean I'm that boy
Himothy turn up you heard?
That's me!
That mean like.. I'm Him!

I'm that n*gga

You can't find this everywhere
Real is rare baby
Real is rare baby you can't find this everywhere
Pack in the air I could serve you anywhere
Exclusive gang soulja life I'm good everywhere
All my enemies are dead or scared I'm well aware
Got dead enemies and I got dead friends too
Was dead broke now it's dead presidents in blue
Dead coupe I cut the head off say keep the roof
It doesn't matter what you going through it's what you gon' do
I'm blessed up keep it G I'ma 'fess up
I ain't next up I'm right now so put your bets up
Put your bets up 'Rari put the Benz up
Put the Benz up, 2020 Lam' truck
I feel like I'm Goku mixed with Avatar Roku
They told you I'm that n*gga this right here the proof to show you
Always good eats whether Snappers or it's Nobu
Ask your dawgs what you did for them they on mute
I got Percocet in my bloodstream
I got a million dollars in my daydreams
Good morning
I'ma make a million dollars off a Mac screen
You sleep
I hear myself when I hear God speak
Good morning
Off them nightmares my diamonds shine
I'm fine
I think I found peace but I lost my mind
Good morning
Jizzy on the sand while the sun rise
I own it
I don't spend it I invest my time
Real is rare baby you can't find this everywhere
Pack in the air I could serve you anywhere
Exclusive gang a hood baby good everywhere
All my enemies are dead or scared I'm well aware
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