"What Future’s Really Saying"

[DJ Khaled - I Got the Keys]
I got no kids, kids, kids
I got no kids, kids, kids
I got no kids, kids, kids
I got no kids, kids, kids
We grow the corn, we gon' clean the field
Handle the drugs, I'ma shoot up some Cheetos
I got no kids, kids, kids
I got no kids, kids, kids

[Future - Where Ya At]
Spell China, come on in the spa
We know we not dope (No)
Burger, bar, dude, I'm not young, need that coffee (Coffee)
Standin' on a stool and we still rainin' onions
Blowin' on an Oreo with car that hold onion

[Future - Low Life]
Hiked out to Somalia, whatevs
Got some vicious flowers, whatever
She can f*ck a squirrel, whatevs
I'ma f*ck her bra, whatever
Fish from Pakistan, water
For artists in Milan, water

[Ty Dolla $ign - Campaign]
​iPhone on buzz on buzz
I f*ck her mama on Mars
That sh*t don't matter with Molly
I got no rhymes with rhymes
Camry, Camry, Camry, Camry, Camry
Check out my Camry, Camry, Camry, Camry

[Future - f*ck Up Some Commas]
f*ck up that llama
I hunt like it's summer, yeah
They burn up his homies, yeah
And plague will that money, yeah
I'll f*ck with shorty, yeah
I'm lovin' it, wait, Yoshi
f*ckin' me, yeah
Get no farts yet, we don't get no farts yet

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