The Notorious B.I.G.


Gimme the Loot
Yeah ay ay
Yeah its me Vegeta here
You don't have a ear

Gimme the Loot
Yeah yeah yeah ay ay
It's me again
Driving me insane
I can transform into a Super Saiyan

[Verse 1]
Ay ay ay
Ant Cats here I have a ear. Can you hear
Air Sirens ay
Ay Squirtle is a turtle
Hurting Squirts
Hurts, Flirts with you

Yeah yeah yeah
Turtle man spam cam
f*cking kiss cams lambs
Ant and me are f*ckin' this sh*t
Yeah ay b*tches Motherf*ckers
I'll hurts these b*tches until their injured
As f*ck. f*cks pear in the hole. Soul. Dumb
Is it numb c*m sum

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