Beat corn out a dinga lyrics


The Notorious B.I.G.

Ay, Ay, Ay
How they talk about dingas?
They ain't got dingas, they ain't beat corn outta dinga
The goofy nuff men John lil boy goofy ass jit lil boy
I'll beat the cri lil crap outta you lil boy (Yeah)
Little boy (Huh) what the freak man (Like what like damn)
I don't got a beak man (Grah, Grah, Grah) your girl's a freak man
(On Foe) I'm slangin that heat man (Yes I am)
I'm spinnin that heat, I can't say that
(Yes I can) but its true, (On foe) On foe
You must be new, on bro (On foe)
And I ain't heard about you, (You unknown as hell)
I ain't from the loo
And I'm gonna go take a doo (A doo?)
In the loo (In the loo?)
You smell like poo (Like poo?)
Yes you a foo (A foo?)
Yeah boy (Yeah boy you goofy as hell)
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