Wavy Navy Pooh

"Shoulder Strap"

(J Stove cooked this one)

Rather get caught with it than without it, can't be scared to hold the strap
On the block with the gang, posted up with my flame, AR with the shoulder strap
Never been to New Orleans, but let a n*gga play, watch his ass get 'Nolia clapped
I know I'ma be aight, make it in for the night, sh*t, long as my soldier strapped
Had to grab my G-Lock 30S, they took my Glock 26
But it still hold thirty, catch your ass bright and early, hold you down, you gon' catch twenty-six
And a n*gga been savage since, let a n*gga have it, n*gga play, he gon' die automatic
Change the PIN on the Glock, send twin to your block, he gon' hop out hittin' automatics

[Verse 1]
I heard a few n*ggas died after dissin' on me, know some Z's that'd call that magic
The other side full of faggots
I swear y'all n*ggas funny, y'all n*ggas ain't gettin' no money
Y'all f*cked, y'all Playboy Bunny
Them n*ggas heard what team I'm on
Heard they heard what whip I'm in
Wavy Navy gon' get his ends
F&N, might cop a Benz
F&N, might drop your Benz
Throw your flag, better raise your hands
Ain't gon' spare him, I'll spray your mans
Talk off bad around my kin
Catch this shell while I catch my mans
If you want, you can meet these hands
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