(Literature 1 / Intro)
Ya'll muthaf*ckas still don't take me serious enough
So Imma hop on these beats time after time
Until you muthaf*ckas know what somebody who's really chosen sounds like
And how they really spit
It's gothpop
Triple six

Yo boyfriend wanna rap like me
But that's something
He'll never be able to achieve
You ah pus*y ass b*tch
Prolly talk to police
Got some snakes in the grass
Cut they head off
Make 'em bleed

(Verse 1)
Still mix the dope with thе autotune and get swaggy
Goth b*tch on my lap
And she callin mе her daddy
This the suit life
Cause she bad just like maddie
Take another hit
Then we skrtt off in the caddy
Scream my muthaf*ckin name
It's a recession baby
2008 still drive 'em crazy
And f*ck what you heard
Cause I'm gloin daily
Cocaine in my nose
When I f*ck ya lady
What else can I say
Besides, you not ready for this sh*t
Pull up on you
Deep in the night
And you sh*ttin hella bricks
Yeah, cause my Glock love to spit
Steppin up to me
You must be ah lick
I got different money
And different hoes in every state
All around the map
I'm known as that year08
So stop tryna steal the swag
Before you end up in yo grave
Don't f*ck around with this southern boi
Cause it's vodou every day
That's south set
What I'm reppin till I go
Triple six
Baby I will take your soul
It's ah mafia world
And we tryna stack this dough
Get the f*ck out my face
I can tell that you ah clone
(Literature 2)
Was that enough
To let ya'll know
Ya'll can't f*ck with me?
Nah I don't think it is
f*ck it, hold on
Imma keep going
Imma keep going

(Verse 2)
Cause it seems like they can't take a hint now
I'm the one that they pick now
Make yo boyfriend throw ah fit now
I can make these pussies all get down
I was put here for the future
My mind like ah computer
And these drugs in my system
Goddamn right I abuse 'em
Follow me
Follow me
I can show you how to use 'em
It's 2008
b*tch you cannnot shine through it
I do what they can't
And they mad that's ah fact
Call yo b*tch over
I just broke her back
She in love with the coke
And the way that I rap
Breakin it down
While she loadin my strap
Yeah b*tch
This is not hollywood
Down south
Like to call this sh*t hollyhood
If you want it
Holla at me
Then I got you son
I'm king of the underground
The way they show me love
(Literature 3)
Was that enough
Was that enough for ya'll muthaf*ckas
To realize you can't f*ck with me?
Nah I still don't think it was enough
I got one more in me
Hold up
I'm 'bout to come back in
You feel me?
It's that gothpop b*tch

(Verse 3)
All I know is money, music and pimpin b*tches
All up on my di*k
Like them rims on them benzes
Speakin on my name
It's gon get expensive
For yo family
When they find you
After you go missing
I've said it before
And I'll say it again
Welcome to the south
Where we get it how we live
My Glock in my lap
While I'll type out this sh*t
Make one wrong move
You gonna walk with ah limp
Got ah b*tch look like Miley
Got ah b*tch look like Paris
Got ah b*tch look like Uma Thurman
Straight from Pulp Fiction dammit
Got ah b*tch that look like Raven
Got ah model b*tch that worship satan
What can I say?
My life amazing
Ain't it?
Keep on flowing with precision
When I spit I'm never missin
Keep on dunkin on you b*tches
Like my name was Scottie Pippen
Always workin in the stu
Makin hits
I got ah vision
Try to take frome me
You gon' sleep with the fishes
(Literature 4)
I think that was enough for now
To show you muthaf*ckas
That you cannot touch me on this sh*t
It does not matter what the f*ck it is
It's gothpop
Triple six
And my name is year08 baby
You feel me?
Welcome to the muthaf*ckin south
It ain't no blocking this sh*t
We keeping it on and poppin
And it ain't ever gon' stop
Ya dig?
Now run the f*cking hook back
I'm tryna get litty goddamit
Ayo pull that back man
Ayo play that again man
You know what I'm sayin?

Yo boyfriend wanna rap like me
But that's something
He'll never be able to achieve
You ah pus*y ass b*tch
Prolly talk to police
Got some snakes in the grass
Cut they head off
Make 'em bleed

(Literature 5 / Outro)
We love you 08
Eyes low
2008 was ours before it even started
Is you retarted?
Pull up with some gothpops
This is a gothpop exclusive
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