Wicca Phase Springs Eternal

"I Want To Go Out Tonight"

I need to break the code
Tell me where's the way into your heart and mind
I need a heart that's full
And free from complication that absorves my time
I need a hand to hold
45 thousand for impulsive buy
I don't wanna talk about it anymore
I found ways to get back what is owed to mine

I think I've got it back
Becoming something more than naturally state
I will take the lead
I'll talk about the past, getting to you straight

I really am obsessed, my baby is the best
I say it all the time
I wish you something great
I wanna be alive

Now nothing will break this spell
I'm finally feeling right
I wanna be yours
I wanna go out tonight

Now that lights stopped spiraling
And I finally feel inside
I wanna be bad
I wanna go out tonight
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