FREERIO 2* lyrics


YN Jay

[Текст песни «FREERIO2» ft. YN Jay]

[Интро: YN Jay]
What the f*ck is goin' on outside?
Police, motherf*ckin' police
What the f*ck?

[Куплет 1: YN Jay]
Who the f*ck got the streets hot?
Lil' bro spent all his money on a cheap Glock
n*gga got some stanking ass socks, got your feet hot
n*gga died for a cheap watch, that's a G-Shock
If I spot them then I got them, that's a Beatbox
I just put a drum on my—, yeah, that's a beatbox
I broke into b*tch crib? I had to sneak out
Thought I seen somebody in the blinds, had to peek out
Got some head from somebody granny, take yo' teeth out
n*gga bought a crib for five thousand, got a cheap house
I just shot a frog in his leg, it tried to leap out
May twenty seven, thousand plays outta brick house
Ain't no f*ckin' weed in this house, this a brick house
b*tch cookin' dope in the kitchen with her tits out
Damn, I thought somebody stole son the whole time, I misplaced it, damn, near tripped out
Went, went to school with this b*tch, but she never seen me, 'cause I…
Damn, I got kicked out
Anybody couldn't made it out, I got picked out
Remember when I bought my first crib, this my sixth house
You be broke as hell, probably stayin' at yo' b*tch house
I've just seen your sh*t on the curve, you got kicked out?
b*tch hair was done we was f*ckin', n*gga, I ripped out
Damn, ayy
Somebody got corona in your crib, that's a sick house
Ayy, you better get out
[Куплет 2: Vawex]
Сейчас мы фристайлили с ними
А потом слушаю демки вы (broke)
Не думаю о этих broke (broke)
Эти челы пишут под треками фигню (broke)
Плаг говорит факт что ты (broke)
Твой кумир сейчас сидит на бутырке ты (broke)
Как сейчас Рио да Янг Оджи на бутырке
Думаешь меня легко заскамить
Двигаюсь на лёгком ты (broke)
Живу я как молодой Елисей
Могу заскамить текстом на английском (broke)
I'm writing in Michigan, this is the track you (Broke)
This lil n*gga is opium rap you (Broke)
Gamer of the year cheated the game you (broke)
You had three you (broke)
I think you are in vain to imagine a different opinion, you are for (broke)

[Бридж: Vawex]
Скамер года заскамил SEEMEE
Ты чё не понял

[Аутро: Vawex]
Опп чё то слушает sh*t Goat
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