YN Jay


(I got so much Enrgy)
Watch him, boy
That's a good boy
That's a good boy
There you go, boy
Go get him, boy

I'ma put the dog on the dog, let it shake somethin'
I can't bring young dawg with me, he might take somethin' (Nope)
I can't bring Picasso out the crib, he might paint somethin' (Yeah)
If I throw my fist at your face, I'ma break somethin'
Trap house slappin' all week, this b*tch stay jumpin' (What?)
The Glock came with a rrah, this b*tch stay dumpin' (Rrah)
Party every day of the week, this b*tch stay clubbin' (Damn)
I just met this b*tch last month, this b*tch can't love me
b*tch, I just left the barbershop, this a clean cut (Yeah)
I just slid down on the opps in a fiend truck
b*tch gon' do whatever I say (Ahh)
b*tch gon' do whatever I say, let a fiеnd f*ck
b*tch think I play Fortnite, I got V-Bucks
I got all pink and blues, yeah, you got green bucks
n*ggas triеd to play it cool, yeah (What the f*ck?)
I've been drinkin' too much codeine, put the lean up (Yeah)
If I see my n*ggas at the bottom, pick my team up
I just let the Pit off the leash, he a mean mutt (Ahh)
I'm smooth like a baby ass, this a clean butt (Yeah)
Throwin' money in the club, make a mess, somebody clean up
Ayy, let me see if I still got it, beat a fiend up
(Damn, why you do him like that, Jay?)
Alright, f*ck it, watch out (Yeah)
I'll make my fiend beat your fiend up
I've been drinkin' Wock', can't nod off, I gotta lean up (Snore)
The way she throwin' ass, it's only right I threw some pape on her (Okay)
I'm the Coochie Man, when I hit her, put my cape on her
I can tell she got some good coochie by the shape on her
I can tell that ass jiggle-jiggle by the shake on her (Hmm)
I can tell she was a dime piece, she had a ten on her (Ahh)
b*tch want me to sign her coochie, put the pen on her
Beat her doonies down, got her sweatin', put the fan on her (Damn)
Only when I'm playin' with the coochie, put my hands on her
I bought all the ones in the strip club, threw some bands on her
b*tch say she only want me, but my mans want her (She do)
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