YN Jay

"Las Vegas"

(Oooh, Sav, killed it)
I mean like, what you wanna–I mean
I mean like, all you gotta do is, just, like, you know what I mean
I mean like–
Like if you do that, it's just gon' be like–
Like everything–
Oh you know what I'm tryna–Oh, you get what I'm tryna say?
You know, you gotta–
I mean like, you gotta understand, baby
Like, you gotta–you gotta be–, you gotta be able to read between the lines, you feel me?

You gotta read between the lines to understand me
What kind of bra you got on, baby? Let me see your panties
I ain't gon' lie, I like old womеn, let me see your granny
I'm tryna hit your mama sister, can I meet your auntiе?
I just popped a Perc 30, it taste just like candy
I be servin' Billy sister, she look just like Mandy
I'll f*ck your b*tch good, make her sing, she sound just like Brandy
Blowin' big woods with Lil Mike and [?]
b*tch say she need a Uber, told her "Drop the addy"
Let off shots on your block, I be droppin' baskets
b*tch, I ball, Dirk Nowitzki, for the Dallas Mavericks
Talkin' 'bout the ones 10 years back, 2011
I got high back in high school, b*tch, I'm Mac and Devin
You can wipe a whole team off with a MAC-11
Knew y'all sorry ass was gon' lose, got me mad I betted
Knew I could've got what I wanted, got me mad I stressed it
Should've knew Patrón was the devil, got me mad I blessed it
Never really know true love, got me mad I guessed it
A fan told me the realest sh*t I ever heard, I had to stash that message
Tell a b*tch "Call or FaceTime me", I'm bad at texting
Aye, I be in the kitchen mixing Cornbread and Chicken, it taste just like Dressing
ZaZa with the big buzz, it look just like lettuce
Bad b*tch wanna cuff me, but you can't arrest me
I just bought a room for my clothes, leave it at the Western

Haha, like–like what you–what you mean by that?
Like–like you bought a room to leave your clothes in?
Like, no, no, like I bought a Suite, n*gga
Like I bought a Suite to leave my clothes in while I go to Las Vegas real quick
I'll be right back, just leave my clothes on the top floor

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