Ethiopia lyrics



[Verse 1]
Uh, uh
They tell me that you wanna know
Uh, uh
How deep you really wanna go
Uh, uh
Savage by force, I soft in flow
Need me to take you where you wanna go
I come
From Africa rooted in East
Uh, uh
Prowling like panther pounce to bleed
Bluh, bluh
Can't help my self not here to please
Uh, f*ck
They’ll want to sink their teeth in me

Oh, Zebdew kebru-lenya
I come through in it, I'm done, yah
Oh, I feel like a warrior
You know it come from Ethiopia
Oh, ya' big and ya' bad tho'
But you’re
Spirit it fighting like Rambo
Oh, I'm out of this dunya
I told you Alewya warned ya'
[Verse 2]
We come in peace
Lead like Khalifa
Balancе like even
Natural wе deepen
They p*ssed their seething
I know deceivers
And I go done them come in full velocity
Peace to the man wanna be this way
Deep is the plan in my DNA
Creep all you want, feel you miles away
Somebody wanna know today

Oh, Zebdew kebru-lenya
They really want me to done ya'
Oh, Zebdew kebru-lenya
I told you Alewya warned ya'
Oh, Zebdew kebru-lenya
They vulnerable and on fire
Oh, oh, you big and you bad, huh?
Do you with ease? I'm not trying
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