Miss Li

"Not Gonna Be There"

[Verse 1]
You think I'm the kind of fool
Who waits by the phone for hours
And your friends are posting pictures from the strip club
Said tonight that it would only be us
I don't care, I'm not gonna be there
At noon when you sober up
Too messed up to take a shower
But who will babysit you through the weekend
Hold your hand when you go off the deep end?
I don't care, I'm not gonna be there

When you wake up
You're gonna wish you had me
When we break up
Who's gonna make you happy
When you out all night, need a ride?
Who's gonna take you home?
I don't know, I don't care
I'm not gonna be there

[Verse 2]
I thought that you were the one
How could I be so stupid?
When you tattooed my name on your shoulder
Was I naive to think that we'd grow older?
I don't care, I'm not gonna be there
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