3Y Gun Kara

"Wycofaj Się / Back out"

[Verse 1: Tash]
It goes one for the homies, two for the hoes
We got rid of all the suckers that was steppin' on our toes
For DJ Decks and the fools I’m servin' next
And next time we come to Poland, smoke-a-holics on the set
And I’m a superfly vandalous, scandalous, most dangerous MC
To touch a microphone comin' outta California, Los Angeles
Flashy Tashy, yeah, Decks, you got the hottest (Uh-huh)
Twenty-year beer career and my track record is spotless
(And you know this) The new face of showbiz
Lookin' at y'all muthaf*ckas through my glass like goldfish
Smoke-a-holics pullin' up, we just park and spark it
If you smoke weed likе us, you our target market
Off La Brea by thе Tar Pits, I was flowin' in the park
Standin' out in any crowd like I was glowin' in the dark
Like Noah with the Ark, I want two of everything (Uh-huh)
Two straps for the bustas, catch-a catch ‘em on my reins
And two turntables, two mics for me and J-Ro
Since we strictly independent, you could say we got the say so
So say less, we on deck with DJ Decks
Central City’s back and now I guess it’s on to the next

Back out
Back out
Back out
Better back out
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