"​thank you"


I don't know what she- uhh
I'm f*ckin' buzzed
b*tch, what's up?
Smoking crack in my lungs!
Can you shut the f*ck up?
Thank you, I don't wanna hear it no more
You can clown me all you want, but I'm still f*ckin' scorin'
I ain't fallin' in love, 'cause you just f*ckin' boring
You a failed abortion, don't sh*t talk me

You can say all you want, but I'll still stay snoring
You can lie all you want, but I'm still not for it
Keep a motherf*ckin' rifle, like I camp in the forest
You a b*tch, and you know it
Keep f*ckin' ignoring
I'mma hit it out the park
Yea, you talking sh*t on Roblox, like we won't spark
b*tch, you f*ckin' stupid
Tryna' say you're real, when you're not
Stupid, I ain't boutta love no thot
That's a Glock to his head
You ain't talkin' from yo chest
You got no f*ckin' diamonds in yo chest
I ain't rest
All the sh*t you say has never made no sense
And I'm boutta hold it down, like I'm sprayin' a negev
pus*y, I don't give a f*ck what you said (Bow)
Still five bullets left
And the ammo go flying, like a bird out it's nest (NotLieu)
That's a low probability
That you even survive
And we bring the artillery
Just to make sure he dies
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