‎bag it 2 lyrics



[Verse 1: xaviersobased]
They know I'm hot up in this b*tch, man, they won't pass it
Yeah, you know it up and I bag it
Shawty fell in love 'cause I'm a faggot
Uh, shawty fell in love 'cause I'm a— uh
Uh, uh, pull up
Uh, up it on a n*gga if he try to touch my wallet
13s on my feet while I'm muhf*ckin' ballin'
They was fake when I was younger, so you know I had to cop it
Uh, yeah, yeah
And they was all fake when I was younger so you know I had to cut 'em off
And I don't like tags on my shirt so I gotta cut it off
Put my all in this sh*t, yeah, boy, f*ck it all
Yeah, on the dance floor, b*tch, I f*ck it up
Yeah, yeah (On the dance floor, b*tch, I f*ck it up)
(f*ck it up, really in this b*tch and I'mma f*ck it up)
I'm with Zootzie in this b*tch, smokin' pressure, yeah, in the cut
Bad white b*tch and she laying right beside mе
Goin' to the top, lil' n*gga, yeah, I'm climbin'
Hell yеah, I'ma eat, boy, yeah, dining
And if you lookin' for me, n*gga, it ain't hard to find me

[Verse 2: David Shawty]
Woah, it ain't hard to find me
I feel like the car I'm driving
Posted with Xavier, we playin' backwards football
She suckin' on my di*k and then she said I had some good balls
I'ma face this vape like it's a Backwood
I be doing sh*t, look at my face, I'm sh*t-faced
I was with some lames and I was like, "Damn, this sh*t gay"
And I took a thousand kratoms, damn, this sh*t cray'
I feel like Sickboy, babe like Black Kray
I ain't even finna chase, no mouse and cat game
She said be quiet, like damn, I got a loud face
I can't even be nice, so I got a rude heart
I don't care if I fall off, I had a good start
You left the movie too early, you missed the good part
Pick my face up off the ground then I fly
I be posted up in the ground and the sky (Yeah)
Freestyle for six nights (David)
Throw her off a cliff 'cause a b*tch lie (Yuh)
I ain't rush sh*t, I'm big time (Eee)
Walk around like the big guy (Nitemare)
Walk around, clap-clap
Feel like Big Sean, posted up, clap-clap
She got ass, she a thick girl, clap-clap
Posted up, Big Sean, yeah, uh
David, Big Sean, yeah
Don't play, you'll get gone, yeah
Nitemare nighttime
For lifetime (Yeah)
David, Xavier, b*tch, too real
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