​heymylan beat remix lyrics


Yung solarflare

Yung solar
Destroy everything in the world
Destroy everything, n*gga

[Verse 1]
You the type to f*ck a b*tch without askin' (You gotta ask, bro)
b*tch, I'm in the trap right now looksmaxxing (Looksmaxxing)
Yeah, I pull up fly as hell like Aladdin
Why yo' music suck, n*gga? 'Cause you got no passion
My mom must be a zoophile, why am I a goat?
I be with some supern*ggas like I'm in a Phantom Troupe
Government tried to tax me, but you ain't Fanum, ho
Captain Swag out here givin' f*ck n*ggas a lot of hope
(f*ck n*gga)

n*gga, yo, this is ass
This DJ Vamp
Suckin' the blood out y'all n*ggas
Yeah, yeah

[Verse 2]
Yo' b*tch wanna suck me, she don't know me yet
I knew how to trap before I knew the f*ckin' alphabet
Yo' b*tch pettin' on my damn balls like a f*ckin' pet
She said solarflare give her pus*y the best sex
And this beat made by my n*gga mylan
I'm the type to rob a old b*tch while smilin'
I'm in this b*tch pus*y, straight stylin'
I'm serving dope [?]
b*tch (Ayy), b*tch, you better call me Captain Swag
Fifty bands in my pocket the reason my pants sag
And I got yo' b*tch like a motherf*ckin' grocery bag
(And I got yo' b*tch like a motherf*ckin' grocery bag)
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