"Top 10"

[Verse 1: Futuristic]
Top 10, picture perfect so I hit the zoom to crop in
Crop top in the summer I get topped and I hit the spots
Like it's top golf with the top spin
ESPN makin plays on you (plays on you)
Stay up late, I wait on you (wait on you)
Birthday the way that you should keep the cake on you
Make a light skin face a quick Drake on you
Clark Kent before the pool I don't need a cape on it (nope)

Top 10
You got this
You take shots
You don't miss
You feel off
It's okay
You a real one
And they so fake

You better than the models on the screen
I'm Ginuwine my motto whatchu got up in them jeans?
Used to have a couple with me startin on the team
But you out they league, MVP girl that's what I need ya know
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