Edot Babyy

Grrah, grrah, grrah
It's Kosfinger, baby
Grrah, grrah, we did this fast, he know

What you know about takin' them risks?
Don't f*ck up my vibe or I'm flamin' the clip, like
And you that the gang in this b*tch
Last opp got hit at the state, he a snitch
Big knock, go, "Grrah", that's Kelly
Murder on my mind, got me feelin' like Melly
Made like fifty off O, we ain't chevy
Yo, Roscoe, slide, we gon' shoot up the telly, grrah
Ayo, tell 'em, "Pop out"
Move wrong, these bullets gon' box out
Who I smoke? That's uh
I'm finna up it, tell brodie to watch out
Do a hit, I won't miss
Shoot like Curry, 30 clip
Imagine me losin' again
Took so much Ls, know I'm due for a win
Like, on sight, b*tch, it's lit up in traffic
f*ck a thotty, I'm breakin' her back in
First opp try to run up, I'm bustin'
Bring 'em down, turn that boy to a fraction
Four guns, we was knockin' out teachers
b*tch, on court, why y'all playin' the bleachers?
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