"Pink Light"

Are you happy?

[Verse 1]
So I let it happen again
I loved someone who's indifferent
That's why I can't sleep at night
That's why I keep sleeping in
So I started over again
I got back onto that medicine
That's why I keep sleeping in
I don't like when dreaming ends

But there's a pink light in my apartment
It comes mid-morning as a reminder
That at the right time, in the right surroundings
I will be lovely, but I can't help thinking

That maybe if you stayed for an hour or two
When the sun came up, when I last saw you
Maybe if you'd seen the soft pink light
I wouldn't be alone tonight

[Verse 2]
So I'm living inside my mind
I keep retracing that storyline
Thinking, if I start again
I can change thе way it ends
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