Tommee Profitt

Days goin' too fast, days goin' too fast
It's like ever since you died, I been stuck up in the past
I been tryna make some changes, been livin' my life hella dangerous
I'm just tryna get you back so I might put a metal through the A6
Just know you can call me anytime, you can call me any day
I know heaven's a trigger away
Ofcourse you'd know that answer
(Yeah, uh, uh) I meant to write this a year ago, was too scared of the judgement
Who you know that got a friend up in heaven?
I miss all the memories we used to make
All of the f*ckin' pictures that wеre taken of us
You was my ride or diе, I still feel your soul when I look at the sky
Writin' my feelings along with the aching possibility that you'd still be alive
Lyrics instilled in my muhf*ckin' mind
And now every time I think about you I just stare at my phone
Wishin' that you would come home

I'm tired sailin' 'round my sadness
Poppin' bottles, smokin' ashes
Reminiscin' 'bout our days
The only thing I gotta ask is "can you hear me?"
Can you hear me?
The only thing I have to do is dedicate my life to you
I'm lookin' up into the sky, the only thing I ask is "why"
Like, can you hear me?
Can you hear me?
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