"f*ck 69"

Why you acting all surprised though?
Like you ain't see this sh*t comin' or sum', cuh?

Look, f*ck 69 man, that n*ggas a b*tch
I ain't surprised, shoulda already knew he would snitch
Seen it comin, Charlamagne tried to tell him n' sh*t
Fat Joe did too, he ain' listen for sh*t
Man, sh*t hit the fan, n*gga snitchin' on the world
He done turned on erybody but his dog and his girl
I can see Jimmy now, prolly mad then a b*tch
Cardi like 'what the f*ck how I get in this sh*t?'

Telling on the whole gang, prolly shoulda been Crip
I don't feel sorry for that n*gga, little arrogant prick
b*tch you talk too much, so that's just what you get
I'm surprised n*ggas in there even letting you live
See when you get up out that b*tch, you better get outta dodge
Cause if somebody call Shootеr, Imma finish the job
Who even lеt him in the gang shoulda knew he was fraud
Dropped the same damn song like sixteen times

You can tell by his hair and them weak ass tats
Ain't no really n*gga gon' do no sh*t like that
Oh you icky with the ficky, huh? Lookin snitchy naw
Shoulda known he'd flip it, named 69
Never trust a n*gga with a rainbow 'do (rainbow 'do)
If you ever did, n*gga, shame on you
I ain't gon' lie, I had to listen to his tape on mute
n*gga screamin' 'bout a bunch of sh*t he ain't gon' do
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