J Dilla

"Untitled (Remix) Music Video"

[Intro: Jahcrast]
On and on it seems to go
That you don't know what you've got 'till it's gone

[Verse 1: Jahcrast]
Jahcrast explosion
Untitled that's the project
It would be very nice if you guys promote it
Keep your minds open
Or get your brain token
I'm scopin' to the infinite
Hopin' to handle the quest like the pyramids
Name the biggest lyricist you're ticking with
Tik to the Tok
Another period of mind blowing f*ckery
Tell me who the victim is
sh*t ain't being funny
Now n*ggas selling their souls because of money
Chubby ass motherf*cker get your ass up
Question everything before you get
Stuck in life like Pac-Man
Stuck in the system
I am the user
f*ck a programme
f*ck the world with all the magnum
Anyway reset your brain and make your own experience
Why do you act like that if you're not feeling it?
Be, who you be
Smokin' trees that's why I spit like me

On and on it seems to go
That you don't know what you've got 'till it's gone
On and on it seems to go
That you don't know what you've got 'till it's gone
On and on it seems to go
That you don't know what you've got 'till it's gone

[Verse 2: D.T.O]
With honor and respect
You n*ggas get out of my track
They wanna have a MC like me
Beating the mic like Tyson back then
No more apologising or laughing like old friends
I finna murder you f*ckers like JTG and Shad
You got no problem
I am one, since day one
You like to creep on me and try to imitate my last song
No more chatty chatty son
Let me break the microphone
And spit and flip that sh*t legit out
You're sh*t and let your life end up that quick
Flashy flash and I pass through dimensions
And the vision, revolution
It's ArOzA introducin' hip hop to the whole world
The weakness of you whack MC's
Let me get diseases
Oh Jesus
Eat you like a Rottweiler
My n*ggas like Kung Fu Fighters
We knock you out with bars and claws
Call me the blacker panther
Back at Wakanda with the brothers
Rise up my fist in the air
And scream "Black lives still matter"
Finna hit you with the spear and kill you like I'm Killmonger
Commit the crime, you can't confess
The system is for sh*t (sh*t)
Nothings changed since 200 years
But I can preach how I want
Everyone will go on
This is the reality
Let us bring love and humanity back
Peace to the legends that thought us that uh
Peace to the legends that brought us rap uh
Let us show you n*ggas the meaning Hip Hop
Who's knocking at my door next uh
It's It's ArOzA n*gga uh
It's ArOzA n*gga uh
It's ArOzA
Mic checka Mic checka

[Verse 3: Marlonhil]
Yo yo
It's Marlonhil
Droppin' on this f*ckin' beat n*gga yeah
You feel the motherf*ckin' heat n*gga
Check it yo yo
This ain’t the end of me
I feel the energy flowing into me
5 percent of me
Enough to kill the game for decembery
Got more paper then a pager
This sh*t ain’t the army never disobey the major
b*tch i am the K-I-N-G
You pay my pen fee
You pay the sh*t I play
Buy Bentley a hey to Benji
Uh it's ArOzA till infinity
I am the center piece
But white people they hating me like n*ggas hating white supremacy
I got a family but got a lot of enemies
You just hatin' cause your b*tch she eats me like some jelly beans
When i‘m high I fly to the sky
It was love at first sight
Hit that sh*t I felt light
Like why would I wear off white or supreme
n*gga wearing no name but he still looking clean
Just like when I beam but the beam kinda hate the yellow theme
Science fiction that sh*t just a dream
Get it
Yo yo yo yo yo yo
And If you don’t know
Now you know n*gga

[Verse 4: Mostaq Ali]
Mh Okay Energy Yuh
Lyrical individuals in your visual
With flows that's visceral
Leave your body abandoned
In a state that's critical
It's empirical that we stay
On top of the pinnacle
It's pitiful
I fathered styles
Yes, I'm these jigga's poppa
Flows sweeter than knicker-blocker
Glory, shortly
I make things get gory, surely shorty
Come here and let me split you like apartheid
Promise I'll stay in touch like Vader and his dark side
Coming with the most vivacious of flavours of vapours
And them things keep our eyes redder
Than a Sith Lord's sabre
We're some new rap saviours
Get bladed with these lyrical razors
Just might spray ya'
This is my arrival and I'm here to stayaahh

[Outro: D.T.O]
Untitled bruh

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