J Dilla

"Untitled 2"

[Verse 1: Marlonhil]
Swerving through this Neverland
No touch no cuddle
No connection it’s just like u mix 2 puzzles
It’s be or not to be that’s how it be
You gon' see be real and just work for ur dreams
I ain’t puff in a while
Hit that stuff make my lungs rough and go wild
Flip my fingers like Naruto
Now I flash shadows
We chillin' on the greens spend my cash on it's meadows
They trynna tell a lie
Federal devil
I got the sword art so I jump through several levels
b*tches attracted cause I got the magic in the attic
I’m lifted off still they feel the static automatic
But b*tch I can’t have it
The toxic venom
I gotta dodge like u throw a ball it’s stocked up in em’
So I’m trynna stay healthy catch these minerals
Just like n*ggas hatin’ tryna catch these iron syllables

[Verse 2: D.T.O]
Yeah Yeah
Yeah Yeah
Yeah Yeah
Pop it up
I'm flippin' packs like post man
100 percent
But I ain't selling
I just let the packs open
I ain't joking

[Verse 3: Mosaq Ali]

[Verse 4: Jahcrast]

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