J Dilla

"Untitled 3"

[Verse 1: Mostaq Ali]

[Verse 2: D.T.O]

[Verse 3: Marlonhil]
Got a corridor, a corridor
Got a corridor of bars from this warrior
Wood like forester you at the corner
'Cause my lines bumped you like a stumbler
n*gga hit you looking like a foreigner from Florida
I’m the colorer ain't talking bout my melanin
People puttin' melon in but then again
An accident they just wanna see another brother dead again
I’m askin' why the set up win question to the president
This a young n*gga hatin' on the whole present
And soon there be no earth hydroponic
I'm faster then the wind but you can't hear me like sonic
Be blessed, the best lyricist no offense tho
DS she riding me like kart in Nintendo
Frequently, we bent the mother f*cking sequence be too short for the whole me
Control C cause you n*ggas don't click alt I bet
Y'all can't see like the third letter of the alphabet

[Verse 4: Jahcrast]
n*gga n*gga
n*gga n*gga
Don’t pull the trigger
My n*gga
Don’t pull the trigger
My n*gga
I've been feelin’ so wavy
Producin' music like crazy
Maybe, I'll tell you something about my baby
Lately, I saw her sweet like a cherry
Oh Mary, Raw kicks and a kiss from my lady

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