Young Dolph

"Blue Diamonds"

(Sosa 808)
Know I'ma forever pop it how I wanna pop it
However I want
Whenever I want

A quarter million 'round my neck, hotboxing in a Lamborghini truck, yeah
Bust down that Richie Mille, put blue diamonds in it, I don't give a f*ck, yeah
Two hundred bags in one neighborhood in four houses, that's us, yeah
I had a check before I had a check, before they even knew who I was, yeah
She my b*tch, so she got a lot of bags and drive a G63 (Damn)
Smoked a blunt, made a mistake, went on an 80K shopping spree (Damn)
Fur coats in the winter time, you know it's drop-tops in the spring
Uh, yeah, uh, yeah, uh, yeah, uh (Yeah, yeah)

[Verse 1]
Bad b*tch, pretty girl, whatever you wanna call her, but she with the sh*t (Damn)
Entrepreneur, the rich n*ggas, dope boys her type, yeah, she love this (Damn)
Talk sh*t, swallow spit, she grab the di*k, then do a magic trick (Woo)
Everybody and they daddy want the b*tch, but everybody ain't had the b*tch (Hey)
Street n*gga, trapper, whatever you wanna call the boy, but he be the real one, though (It's Dolph)
He came from the bottom, up under the bottom, but nowadays the boy living, though (It's Dolph)
Rolls-Royces on top of Rolls-Royces (Double-R)
Bad b*tches screenshot my portraits
Ain't that many real n*ggas left, it's a shortage (Uh-uh), uh
Rich n*gga hotbox, sitting in a Lambo'
Organized crime boss like I'm Soprano
Bust down eight figures with my famo (Bust it down)
Pulled up on her in a camo ('Rari)
Goyard bag filled up to the top (Yeah, yeah)
That pus*y so good, I woke up the next morning and bought her a watch (Hah)
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