FIRE IN THE BOOTH pt2 lyrics


Ocean Wisdom

[Verse 1]
If any man put one hand on my sister his mom soon crying hysterical
And I really mean Terry as f*ck, I don't mean no chocolate, orange or Venables
Chance of survival is minimal, very small, literally Infinitesimal
Better move that decimal place to the way to the right ca' my tekkers impeccable
Swear I move this face to the right, when I broke his jaw now he can't eat edibles
Yeah yeah, about lil spreadable , but I wanna know if she passed hеr medical
That info is invaluable, in a pursuit of a healthy tеsticle
Aye move from me girl, that's comical, I don't configure with none of you chemicals
Bro dip man in his abdominal like he was tryna prove metal was bendable
You said my imagery is horrible I told you go sit on something cylindrical
I wish that the bar was higher in the game and I don't know why it's so acceptable
Try know anybody I sign gonna be more (?) and highly investable
Is not beef, you're a vegetable, my IQ's too high it's unprofessional
But if I come for you it's terrible, I'm ferocious, my defense impregnable
Ay, have you got a lighter for this ethanol I'm finna burn this whole crew in general
Ca' nobody does it more technical, Eminem's project is due to be seminal
I need a brain that never dies, I need a PA that's tri-centennial
That means for the next 300 years at least I'mma rhyme incredible
If I slapped her in the face these days would it really be that unethical?
Ca' I know you spiritual, but what's that got to do with a little mans genitals
Some of these man are despicable and their actions all indefensible
And they wanna try claim, is unusual, but what you know is not unconventional
Preying on the small and susceptible, can't we just put them in a chair that's electrical
Wanna see smoke, unheadable, ca' my compassion for them imperceptible
Got a n*gga & smoke (?) from Senegal and he said fear is inexpressible
But for some is unsupressable, said it just run trip and become gettable
Now his problems skeletal, skiddy all, damage, survival, skeptical
Ay, it weren't really a ting (?) charlie, I describe it as more of a spectacle
I (?) broke cover, is spectacle so to detectives he's undetectable
How the f*ck am I here accessing it when the sign (?) this inaccessible
I only like digging out wet and stretchable, not the brown and spherical
Imagine if I got that energy, it were a (?), ca' I'm pan dimensional
I seem to be insusceptible to the temptations of an ex Jessabelle
I ain't really into your sweaty smell, I predict that coalition regrettable
Ca' you see I'm tryna act more respectable, I'm CEO, tryna be more sensible
Plus, they got a castle and setting all, and I'm tryna storm the gates without a general
And this world was preventable, but they had to overstay those to the rest of you
Why them man so suggestible, I know (?) unintentional
But you gotta be more intellectual what they offered is reprehensible, is what I'm saying apprehensable, check numericals, get hypotheticals
Better hope that you stat is dependable, gotta show them that you're indispensable
When signing off your theoreticals, make sure all your stats accessible
Ca' the more accessible you are, is gonna make them man way more flexible
Next thing you're playing at festivals and you gotta make sure the bidding is preferable
But leave that sh*t to your agent, and find an agent with ethics identical
Ca' as far as promoters are concerned, you as the artist are unaddressable
My depth of knowledge symmetrical to the square foot of (?) correctionals
She wanna deep throat on this tentacle, like she don't know di*k undigestable
Ay blud it was unforgettable till I forgot it right as I was telling you
My influence is so pivotal, everything I drop is a collectible
These arms aren't injectable, tell covid that I'm uninfectable
Well done in your top 10 pus*y channel, that your album was just respectable
[Verse 2]
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