"82nd All the Way"

Okay, York
You're on your own

[Verse 1]
In the draft of 1917, a man from Tennessee
Overseas to the trenches he went, from the land of the free
Into war he brought two things along, a rifle and his faith
Joined the ranks as a private, assigned to 338th

There on that day
Alvin York entered the fray
Saving the day
82nd all the way

Into the fires of hell, the Argonne, a hero to be
Entered the war from over the sea
Intervene, 1918, all the way from Tennessee
Hill 223

[Verse 2]
When his faith had been put to the test, the call to arms he heeds
On the 8th of October he went, made a sergeant for his deeds
Fearless, leading the raid of the war, machine guns on the hill
Charge the enemy, taking the prisoners by power of his will
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