Buckle Up Freestyle lyrics



Yeah, yeah, Yeah (Buckle up)
I should [?]
First time on a Havoc beat
Always I'm in some sh*t

I'm jus tryin' to close the gap between me and my soul, I'm trapped
Inside my self-perception cage, I say "Russ, come out"
Noah Schnapp, I've grown attached to holdin' back
I'm hopin' that I'm over that
Because I've noticed that I've been swingin' for the fences (Always I'm in some sh*t)
With a broken bat
But the overlap between my dreams and real life
Is astounding, for example
I made 50 million dollars, and I'm not rounding
But I'm soundin' like I'm braggin' 'bout my paper, Michael Scott
But that's some bullsh*t, they say Russell's trippin'
Michael's final shout (Always I'm in some sh*t)
Oh well, so be it, heart was cold had to reheat it
Santiago, made it to the pyramids, performed in Egypt
Know y'all seen it
If y'all didn't, what's that say about the media?
They trippin', on the Internet
And I do not use Expedia (Always I'm in some sh*t)
I got a private travel agent concierge on Saudi Air
I'm takin' pictures with the flight attendant
She said, "I'll be there", where?
"At your show", I said it's twenty-thousand people, so
'Less you front row I wouldn't see you (Always I'm in some sh*t)
That's just how it goes, I play this game on classic mode, until the casket close
The road to success is under construction
And I drove all over the traffic cones
Down the rabbit hole of overthinking paths I chose
But I can't go back, that's why I can't relax
I'm playin' Whac-A-Mole with problems
And I'm lackin' speed, no wonder I drank rapidly
Passin' weed, the pounds were limitless, I was coppin' Master P's
The strategy was apathy, but luckily I slicked up
I called myself out on my bullsh*t (Always I'm in some sh*t)
Luckily I picked up
I mixed up my confidence with all my insecurities
I been securin' the whole family, but who's securin' me?
I know I'm bleedin' and a Bandaid ain't gon' cut it for this cut
I know my shadow's been behind the wheel, I should've buckled up (Always I'm in some sh*t)
Oh no

Well, ha
I should've figured
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