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Yeah (Here we go again)
CHOMP 2.5 (Move back)
Alchemist, classic sh*t only
I got a flight in about an hour, but it's all good, it's a jet
Yeah, yeah, yeah (C'mon man, y'all not ready)

I gave my twenties to the dream like Nivea (C'mon)
Created my own kingdom, all these hooks and verses are the Bridge to Terabithia (Yeah)
Kicked so many women to the curb, I hurt my tibia
Big body Bentley, call that sh*t Mr. Olympia
Risin' up the ranks, but I ain't do it for insignias
A kid inside a candy shop, there's so many Olivias
So oblivious, I remember feelin' rich if I had 50 bucks
Absolut Vodka out the Dixiе cup
Now I got a Porsche, the logo's a horse, baby giddy up
I know that I'm closе to a billi like I'm FINNEAS
Cynthia, got to check for rats under my rug
Set up my lineage to still be gettin' cash when I'm done
I'm the one, Thomas Anderson (Neo)
Alchemist is choppin' up the samples, and I'm handin him a classic, this the formula (CHOMP 3)
Got to turn your back to the crowd to lead the orchestra (f*ck 'em)
Light your own fire, if they don't wanna pass the torch to ya
If we don't get along, then I'ma probably keep it short with ya
I know I'm connected to the source, I'm a sorcerer
Flight to California, I'm in and out
I don't even got beef, but LA's feelin' different now
I'd rather be home, in my zone drinkin' kale shots, dummy
I don't ever gotta leave, I'm gettin' mailbox money
Runnin' M's up, they tried to keep me down, they should've kept up
Whatever I ask for, God replies, "Yes Russ"
Knew I was a king at 21, like Vlade Divac
India, I just got back, they treated me like I'm Virat
Crickets from all my challengers
Look at where self-belief got
I don't beef with my brothers, we not the Gallaghers, we got
Bigger walls that we wonder if we can just run right through 'em
You losin' the bigger picture, you livin' life way too zoomed in
I'm winnin', business is boomin', regardless how this game treats me
People in the league know I can hoop, Michael Beasley
I'm the only person in this world who can defeat me
I'm focused on self-improvement
The rest of this sh*t is easy, dawg
It's easy sh*t, for real
Showin' y'all yet again, you cannot f*ck with me
How y'all want it? it's a different level
You want raps, you want R&B, what do you want?
That's all man, it's platinum either way
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