10 More Commandments lyrics


DJ Premier

[Intro: Diddy & Benny the Butcher]
Ayo, make my sh*t sound godly
Like that
Butcher comin', n*gga (Griselda)
I'ma tell you like this (I graduated out the streets)
It's all in your mindset (Yo)
Let's go, be free

[Verse: Benny the Butcher & Diddy]
Soon as they let me eat, knew the streets was my expertise (Uh-huh)
I kept discreet contacts with my connect, so they let me eat (Uh-huh)
A rapper, but I was a drug trafficker 'fore I left the streets
These ten more crack commandments, Frank White, rest in peace (Ah)
Number twenty gotta be to make sure that you count the money (You got to, if it don't make dollars, it don't make sense)
Singles and fives under hundreds, we call that bankroll a dummy
I been on both sides of that, made a smooth relationship ugly (I did)
When dealin' with a true connect, my first goal is get you to trust me (Uh-huh)
Nineteen is don't ever burn the plug, dawg, that's silly sh*t (Silly sh*t)
I had to mention it since this one wasn't on Biggie list
He knew y'all would have a hard time comprehendin' it
I mean, riskin' six figure business for pennies is kinda ridiculous (Stay down)
Eighteen, you better test that work before you buy it
Yeah, of course, they gon' say it's fire, but you know these n*ggas be lyin' (I know, I know)
Me and Fonz was OT with eighty racks, but that's on the driver (Two-thirty)
Drove back with the money 'cause when the fiend tried it, he up and denied it (Uh)
Seventeen, take care of the people around you
They only appreciate how you value loyalty when they eatin' beside you (If everybody ain't eatin', you gon' get ate)
You a worker, the boss wouldn't be here without you
You do the dirty work from the first to the thirty-first, but I see they forgot you (Not me)
Sixteen hard for n*ggas, but you gotta stack
You got some racks, soon as your name started buzzin', you got attached (Chill)
You should be spendin' that money on re-in' up and not in Saks (Real estate)
It's only cool bein' dressed in designer if your dollars match (Real estate)
Fifteen a good one, listen, most people confused
How we spend our money on whips and jewels, they think we fools (Let me break it down)
But from a drug dealers view, buy a Benz or a chain or two
Go broke then sell everything, in a week, you'll be back like new (Mhm)
So basically, f*ck all that spendin' on clothes and trickin' on hoes
Only buy sh*t that can be sold
'Cause you gon' need a plan B if your trap phone startin' to get cold
If somethin' happen to your plug and your bills startin' to get old (Damn)
Fourteen, just lead by example, n*gga
'Cause you could be richer, but my hand don't equal triple the financial difference
Thirteen tricky, B.I.G. couldn't even approach it
When he was slingin' and totin', this wasn't even a focus
No social media postin', greedy emotions
n*ggas chase fame and not the money, that's broke sh*t, y'all be on ho sh*t
Rule number twelve, I know this one a little too well
Stand for somethin' or fall for anything (Anything), respect is like a shield (Uh-huh)
You gotta go wherever this sh*t takin' you if you for real (Why you doing what you doing?)
Play for keeps, use your steel, and hopefully, you shoot to kill (Brrt)
Eleven the most important, somewhere on our way, we lost it
Tossin' rocks at prisons, married the game, it's hard to divorce it (Uh-huh)
From a hustler to another, not to interfere with your business (Nah)
But since I'm here for this one, I gotta be crystal clear with you n*ggas (Uh)
The first chance you get, you better get out this sh*t (n*gga)
Them old stories how you was gettin' dough won't amount to sh*t
Can't feed your child with it (At all) when they come wearin' jackets with alphabets
Look around, the small hustlers the only ones 'round here rich (Yeah)
Get out the game, rap n*ggas, hope y'all don't get no ideas
You gotta live the way I lived to talk the sh*t I just did
Ten more crack commandments, ah
[Outro: Diddy]
Yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah, yeah-yeah, yeah-yeah
Check this out, it's all in the mindset, you know
It's all in the mindset
You can't judge people for how they got it
My daddy used to be a hustler, you feel me?
But, like, we a different generation, a different time
We ain't gotta repeat the past, the crack era
And do what we did before, you know what I'm sayin'?
We one of the world's most valuable commodities
That's Black culture, baby
We all legal now
We just gotta stick together and unify
f*ck all the bullsh*t, get back to love, that Black love
You know what I'm sayin'?
We are the original man, the Black man is God
And the Black woman gave birth to the Black man
You can imagine what she is
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