[Verse 1]
Tell mi she wan' lef' her man 'cause him nah understand
Know how it feel when I come and him nah gi' her none
Seh him buddy dead, but my buddy she wan' siddung
Wan' come inna di East and f*ck mi to all mi song
Seh she wan' f*ck now, final decision
She seh, "I'm ah professional, baby ah suh mi tan"
Five minutes later, jump inna van and lef' her man
She seh she feel like inna her pus*y my c*cky belong
Gyal run come, run come, run come gimmi di pus*y please
Love it when yuh bawl out [?] when mi push it in

Gyal seh di f*ck swee-ee-eet
Gyal bring di pus*y for mi
Mek she bawl out, "Oui"
Gyal bring di pus*y for mi, yeah
And she nuh mind suck mi 'cause she like it rough
And she like how di buddy, it tough
Gyal seh di f*ck swee-ee-eet (She seh di f*ck)
Gyal bring di pus*y for mi (She seh di f*ck sweet, yeah)

[Verse 2]
Dis gyal love f*ck bad enuh
Slam it up, domino
Whisper in her ears and ask her, "Baby, have yuh ever f*ck?"
[?] just risk it
Davido, lef' yuh energy pon zero
Panty off, rapido
c*m in har, pappishow
She admire di way dat di c*cky grow
Tell yuh friends Zerimar man up in yuh
Six inna morning when di c*cky crow
She ah wake up and ah ride di coky slow
She tell mi she don't wan' nobody know
So we keep everything on di low
But nuh boyfriend she nuh feel sorrow
She wan' backshot, she wan' wheelbarrow
She ah freak, she ah freak
f*ck sweet
Not even Jerry Springer could ah make her stop cheat
Cheers to all di pretty gyal wid good underneath
c*ck up yuh batty, pull di panty 'round mek mi see
Know ah action time, my ears and yuh anklet ah meet
Gyal tun around missionary (Missionary)
Yuh wan' backshot time, gyal just ah wet off mi sheet
Wan' c*m but she nuh ready (Nuh ready)
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