Baby Queen

"Raw Thoughts"

[Verse 1]
I live in my mind
And you can't make this right
It's labyrinthine
Again, I've got to try
To get back in line
And let it be benign
I'm not feeling divine
They say I'm unhinged
And I don't give a sh*t
They'll never get it
Unless they sat under my skin
And saw what I did
Actually, f*ck that, God forbid
They see what I did

I got f*cked up again, I was crying
Some hours in the A.M
I was writing notes on my phone
"Always keep raw thoughts close
When you get f*cked up and you're going back home"
f*ck it, girl, I really miss you, you were my best friend
In the hours when it falls, I try to comprehend
All the meaning in emotion, I'm emotionless
And you're sitting by the ocean
Thinking about sex, thinking about
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