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"Online School Cypher"

[Intro: yes, it's boostyy]
Now, online school
One of THE MOST hated things of 2020 (Facts)
We're rapping about it
I expect this to be all about how it's "bad"
But, maybe not
We'll see

[Verse 1: Ɖﮑ𝙜 𝑱𝒂𝙘ⱪ]
I'm about to fall asleep in the classroom
Teacher wake me up, I got 10 assignments due
Man, what's the move? Skip the class
Play a game, hop up on NBA
But my father got a note, its from Mr. Yang
Saying I'm not locked in, but I just shot my shot
The monitor saying it went in
Hard to maintain a straight-A cause
The path to the A ain't that straight

But get outta my way

[Verse 2: Lacibolens]
People be like oh I am going to get up
Some people just sleep in
Cause there is meets
But do I want to get on them
No so bye not getting on that
People dress up
I just like to wear whatever
There is a new thing it is called
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