"Rules To The Game"

Yo, By Any Means

You know the rules to the game
I spit the truth in your face
I got a wild style, live from the booth to the stage, hey
It's odd goons on the breaks, like you got somethin' stupid to say
Fools get out of my way, I'm
Deep in the game but it's broke 'innit? Still dope in it
Break it down with rhyme like you're supposed with it
Flow sickness, I'm a pro with it, go get it
If you got a train, mayne, let the bros kill it
Raptionalitys don't matter, it has to bang, stomp the verse and look cool back up at the hill, my afterbang
Classic slang, over instrumentals, well-done 'em
Got a couple 1210s and that 1200
SP950, plus slickest rap
Cut the trick and track like fresh meat, kickin back
Shell, Exxon, Nestlé, evil sh*t
Gotta stay stress free, you feelin' it?
I've got a 50–60 kilo chick
Milo tip, legit, slice her up on my emo sh*t
When I eat her, mayne, it's sweeter than some Swedish Fish
You know the candy, not the actual Swedish fish
Yiiesh! That would be your b*tch, isn't it?
TS live, two stars, Michelin Guide, glisterin'
If you're listenin', stickers more than all of you combined got rhymes, territorial p*ssinins'
Yeah, spring when the birds fly, though
Short skirts, all love for the first try crew
Rap work out dude, straight merk out loops
First high school, fly like the birds eye view
Still got bars in a double bundle
I stay humble in person, but on the verses I'm trouble, buddy
Still hungry like the ink says
RB quick to stick di*k in daddy's little princess
Makin' Bowser fall down like the endin'
Get the money, grab the girl, run and just send it
Tremendous, keep spittin like I'm in a cypher, no biters allowed, just beatbox and a lighter
Writer with markers
Tight rhymes live in the parks and vinyls are fire, sparkin', igniting the arson, that's it
Lemme hear it, do a replay
At least I've got every mothaf*ckin cliché, it's been dun

Random bast*rds
By Any Means

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