Untitled (How Does It Feel) [Made In America Festival 2012] lyrics




[Intro: D'Angelo]

[Verse: D'Angelo, Audience]
Girl, it's only you
Have it your way
And if you want, you can decide
That if you'll have me, I can provide
Everything that you desire, baby
Said if you get a feeling
Feeling that I'm feeling—sing it with me
(Won't you come closer) Yeah, hey, baby, to me, baby, mmm
Now you've already got me right where you want me, baby, mmm
I—, I just want—, I just wanna be your man, ooh-ooh

[Chorus: D'Angelo, Audience]
So how does it feel?
How does it feel?
How does it feel? Oh baby
How does it feel?
Can y'all help me sing it? Sing it with me
(How does it feel?) Tell me how it feels, yeah
(How does it feel?) Mmm-mmm, said it's been on my mind
(How does it feel?) Mmm-mmm, oh, baby
How does it feel?
[Outro: D'Angelo]
Feels so good, Philadelphia, thank you so much
I love you
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