Romance (English Version) lyrics



[Verse 1]
Happening so suddenly, there it was
An incident that caught me off guard
What started out with a note sent to me
Though out of reach, back in distant generations
Came from you to me
So hard to conceive this type of meeting

[Verse 2]
Now you can find in my era, convenient new items
Here's the way we live, unknown to you
Pouring in characters while interchanging these feelings
Unaware, a blossom of romance grew

In no way can we ever meet up in real life
You and I evolvе, away, in domains apart
Sewing up rows and lines, stacks of hues of feelings
Profilе not even known, indefinite for now

Don't mind conditions, expecting all of your words
Waiting goes on, I can't stand that
It is true, our times differ
But we go far beyond all limitations on our way
Me and you, me and you, are sending out our feelings
If my wish is coming true, I vow
One glance is all I need
I want to meet you now
I love you, that's why
[Verse 3]
Unforeseen thought
I was reminded of what's in your time
In history recorded to befall
Occurs tomorrow, cause of all tears to fall
To let you know it now
Somehow, I'm in need of a miracle

So, time went on as it flowed
Passing through all seasons
All your letters, no longer reaching me
Those words that can't come to me, but only hurt inside
Pressure onto my chest ensues

What is found down the line, from a hundred years ago
"See it with my own two eyes"
As you hoped, imagining the future
Road that I'm now taking, and still walking on
The sore feeling, still holding on
I keep it locked inside my heart
So, at last, holding it, your letter that came to me
Recognizing, I'm reminded of those long-awaited conveying's
That I have, in my hands, for you went beyond that day
Thoughts you printed
Designed the last note of your love to me
You lived in your era, it's sure
The evidence of it all
Crossing all generations, grasping it in my hands
I gather all truth I can see, it's written onto this epoch
In time, I'll walk that way to let you know
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