Duran Duran

"Vertigo (Do The Demolition) (Live)"

[Verse 1]
Hey guys, turn it up to get sleazy
Twist it in a vice, hey
Nobody said it was easy
Just use your naked eyes, oh
How to see and how to hide it
How to save it
Well, maybe, maybe, maybe
You can take it and eat it, and chew your life supply

Where's the real life in your illusion?
On the dark side your power's in confusion
Do the dance, do the demolition
And lose the chance to hear when you don't listen

[Verse 2]
Don't you feel edgy?
Bite your lips and bleed
Conversation is empty
Abandonеd in the freeze
Freedom is your condemnation
Free to say: Wеll, maybe
Maybe, maybe, maybe
You can take it or leave it
Just need a little hit tonight, yeah
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