"Rookie Of The Year"

[Intro: Ry-P and Mackned]
Ayy, my n*gga Ry-P
(Yeah, I'm that Cobain)
Ayy, ayy
Ayy, ayy
Ayy, look

[Verse 1: Mackned]
Look, I don't text no hoes (first)
I don't sweat no hoes (n*gga)
I'm lookin' out the window (window)
Ridin' with my chem foe (who?)
Ridin' with my new dank (new dank)
Learned to play in the rain (the rain)
Yeah, I'm that Cobain, yeah (Cobain)
You ain't got cocaine (nah)
No flow maze
Got no friends, 'cus they full gaze
Got no hype, and you too lame
My b*tch dance, be 2k
She make bands and we okay (we okay)
I would never redo my life (nah)
And I'll be based 'till I'm dead
n*gga, nourish every dream (Ned)
Any day, Ned

[Verse 2: Mackned]
I be in and out of the bank
Swear my city smell like dank
n*gga, ridin' wit' a full tank
Yuh, stuntin' on my classmates (get it)
Pull up and you chattin', we paint plug rappin' (Ned)
See a n*gga I'm actin, 3D Mackned

[Outro: Mackned]
Ridin' with my n*ggas and we sippin' on lean
Life is full of blunts, so I'm trippin' lately
I be doin' me, yeah I do it any day
I don't f*ck with n*ggas, I don't need nobody
Ayy, I dont need nobody
f*cking n*ggas when you lookin' real weird
I talk to money: "Yeah money, I'm here."
Any day, I'm the rookie of the year (ayy)

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