"Crystals In My Aura"

[Intro: Sample and Mackned]
Not yet


[Verse: Mackned]
Boolin' on my lil' n*ggas, she can see what I've become
Feel my heart racin', what I'm hidin' from
City so cloud, cup so loud
Squad so foul, I know God ain't watchin' out
Stay in the back with my young full house
f*ck n*gga he a movin' slow
Anti-emotion, crying pink oceans
Our bodies floatin', pain that we soak in

[Verse 2: Mackned]
I sit back and watch the times pass
Gold metal thraxx, yeah we world class (we world class)
Visions of my past keep my heart black (heart black)
All-black fit, gold Rolex (gold Rolex)

[Outro: Mackned]
Crystals in my heart leave you all-black(all-black)
Crystals in my aura leave you heartless (heartless)
Crystals in my aura keep me up next (up next)
Crystals in my aura got me time lapsed (time lapsed)

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