[Intro: Sample]
Setsuko, what?
Rice balls. I made them for you
Here, have one
You don't want them?

[Verse: Mackned]
Country boy flex, country boy flex half
Baby on my line, 'cus I never hit her back
Tatted trunks talkin', and I seen you raise your blast
Saw her when I'm swingin' and I'm breakin' from the pack
n*ggas only happy when he livin' in the past
Compare himself to me and now you walkin' on glass
Life is like a movie, I'm the ninety-sixth craft
Diamond star n*gga, with my foot on the gas
I am not simple, yeah my life complex
Cosmic body flex, and I won't break a sweat
Lonely heart passion, with the star lights flashin'
Paintings on the wall and my spot look lavish
Hatred to 'em all, who be talkin' 'bout Mackned
You worry 'bout me? I'm still infinity
My mind body free, my power from the trees
I rarely eat meat, 'cus I know what it means
No fear in my heart, I move on earth with certainty
And in my school of art, I graduate with high degrees
Woman on my hand, and she show me lovely things
But I don't feel the presence, so I look for other things
My mother was the light, she a queen of many things
Appreciate her presence and forget these human beings
I am not your saviour, just a spirit of the sea
Climbing life's ladder with the cycle part of me

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