"Thraxx Bible"

[Intro: Sample and Mackned]

[Verse 1: Mackned]
I 'on't trust nobody, so why trust me? (why trust me?)
Give you baby bottle yeah, knock you off ya' feet (knock you off ya' feet)
Probably find emotion where a n*gga find sleep (n*gga find sleep)
I ain't lookin' for him, ridin' wit' an empty seat (an empty seat)
Like I ain't lookin' for you, b*tch you stumble on me (you stumble on me)
Hands off my n*ggas, and we offerin' peace (offerin' peace)
If he get too friendly, then his ass need crease (ass need, yeah)
And every time you see me, see the 'posit on my sneaks

[Verse 2: Mackned]
Shoot box money, don't deposit on ma' cheese
'Cus everyday they leave me, I cop another pair
Everyday she wakin' up, she want another me
Think the government want's you to really disagree
Put my faith in all these ones who thinking like me
Surround myself with only ones who winnin' like me
Forgiveness to the critics when they didn't like me
I think she like me, 'cus he ain't do it like me
Yo n*gga is a robot, I don't see no heartbeat
Slave to society, so step behind me
Let me do the talking and you follow after me
Thraxxhouse n*gga, everyday is Halloween
Thraxxhouse n*ggas go dumb on the beat
Thraxxhouse n*ggas don't follow in your grief
Thraxxhouse n*ggas show love to anything
Thraxxhouse n*ggas and we barely eat meat (We don't eat no f*ckin' meat, you hear that?)

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