Yung Cortex

"Fall Out Boy"

Ah sh*t, you know already what time it is
I'm a need all the bad b*tches to report back to the dance floor
We got another one b*tch, I'm feeling like a rockstar baby
You know what I'm saying? I'm feeling like Fall Out Boy
I'm feeling like Fred Durst, young n*gga sh*t
You know what I'm saying? I'm a rockstar baby
Come f*ck with me I'm swagged out, WOP

[Verse 1]
Hoes on my di*k like ticks on a dog
I'm a pitbull b*tch, I done came off the leach
10 piece wing with the mumbo sauce
93 on my feet b*tch I feel like Gleesh
Glove on my hand got blood on my shirt
Nightmare on Elm Street, b*tch I came out the sleep
Slob on my knob no ding dong ditch
Hit it with the mask on no trick or treat
Back from the dead b*tch came out the dead
Put the pus*y in a tombstone, six feet deep
Got a bad b*tch and she like (?)
Told her to drink on my di*k like blood on the sheet
I ain't with the bullsh*t n*gga
Don't wanna don't want be lame ass n*gga, might get his ass beat
Black skin head $500 on my feet
Black Tims on the couch, got blood on the leaf
Hoped out the Porsche and I'm hot like a torch
If you can't take take the heat, n*gga get out the street
n*ggas that funny, when you getting money
I stayed to my soul b*tch I'm riding for me
When you done bad n*ggas don't want to speak
But the minute you up n*ggas talk through they teeth
Flexing that sh*t that you got at the flea market
b*tch who you fooling I know that sh*t cheap

[Verse 2]
Ran up a check with my dog Mike Vick
I be scrambling sh*t I'm a pass out screen
f*cking that b*tch I'm a buy her a Yorkie
I nutted her face I'm a buy her a weave
One man band yeah I'm hot like a fan
I don't need to cool down but I stay with the heat
Home girl (?) got f*cked up teeth
But the b*tch wanna f*ck cuz a n*gga look sweet

[Chorus] x2
I don't scream broke n*gga sh*t
You ain't talking about cash n*gga get the f*ck around from me
Hoes on my di*k like ticks on a dog
I'm a pitbull b*tch, I done came off the leach
Got me a bad b*tch feeling like Patrick
Never been average f*ck on the free
Rockstar lifestyle n*gga I'm fleek
Fall Out Boy b*tch Wentz (?) Pete

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