The Jam

"Little Boy Soldiers [Live Jam]"

Its funny how you never knew what my name was
Our only contact was a form for the election
These days I find that you don't listen
These days I find that we're out of touch
These days I find that I'm too busy
So why the attention now you want my assistance -
What have you done for me

You've gone and got yourself in trouble
Now you want me to help you out

These days I find that I can't be bothered
These days I find that its all too much
To pick up a gun and shoot a stranger
But I've got no choice so here I come - war games

I'm up on the hills, playing little boy soldiers
Reconnaissance duty up at 5:30
Shoot shoot shoot and kill the natives
You're one of us and we love you for that

Think of honour, Queen and country
You're a blessed son of the British Empire
God's on our side and so is Washington

Come out on the hills with the little boy soldiers

Come on outside - I'll sing you a lullaby
Or tell a tale of how goodness prevailed

We ruled the world - we killed and robbed
The f*cking lot - but we don't feel bad

It was done beneath the flag of democracy
You'll believe and I do - yes I do - yes I do -
Yes I do -

These days I find that I can't be bothered
To argue withthem well what's the point
Better to take your shots and drop down dead
Then they send you home in a pine overcoat

With a letter to your mum

Saying find enclosed one son - one medal and a note -
To say he won

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