"Becoming a King"

Words always beat like a drum in my brain.
Every laugh and scream layered in perfect harmony.
I always knew I'd spend my whole life hearing the voices on the street like a song.
And that street and that song became my home for a while.

I went at it alone...I crawled inside the kickdrum in the belly of the New York City subway.
I spent hours and days searching the faces in the crowd for answers.

I found my name in the signs and my motivation in the lights.
I filled my chest with the colors and sounds and storiеs I collected.
And then onе day, my pen hit the paper.
My fingers sliced by strings
My lips brushed the microphone
And I exploded.

Soak up the richness around you, every detail, and never give in. And maybe one day, you'll explode too.
Be a king.
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