"Be A King (Budweiser Version)"

I'll sometimes look at other artists who seem larger than life and wonder, "Am I not supposed to be here?"
I always knew I'd spend my whole life hearing the voices on the street like a song.
I filled my chest with the colors and sounds and stories I collected.

[Subway operator]
Last stop on the A train!
Come on little sister, you can't sleep on the train.
It's the last stop!

[Man on subway]
You are it! You are the spark. The light that burns! So shine! It's in you. You gotta go get it.

[Halsey and Man on Subway]
And then one day (and one day, you will explode)
I exploded.
To be a Halsey fan, to be inthis room right now, is to have the power to believe in yourself, and to be exactly who you want to be.
You will make your own name. And one day, you will be a king.
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