Sauce Walka

"Hoe Gayo"

JRag on the beat

[Verse 1: Peso Peso]
Run in your spot, you get popped on the couch
Twenty thousand on my wrist, I let my watch hit the house
F&N on my hip when I'm walking around
I'm at your local corner store, I'm tryna air a n*gga out

Glock 30 in my LV jacket
That n*gga Walk back breaking b*tches and I'm backtracking
One of my smokers bought a fifty wrapper, he don't want no plastic
I made that b*tch give me another drop and now I'm at his attic

They know who he with on the sly, I got too many dimes
These n*ggas rappin' like they gangsta, man I know these n*ggas lyin'
n*ggas acting like they on the block, we know that they inside
I broke a b*tch and f*cked her homеgirl, now that hoe is crying

Ain't nobody in the Sauce gon' diе, not never
We gon' stay rich, drippin' on a b*tch, that's forever
I used to ship the packs, now I'm on the plane 'cause it's better
b*tch, you folded with your gun, n*gga how is you a stepper?

I got a new F&N and gave my lil bro the Beretta
I can post up and sell drugs anywhere in Texas
My n*gga Walk hates Percs, I don't care what he think
Can somebody please tell him that it's just like drank?
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