Drank from Illz lyrics


Sauce Walka

(Damn Luminati you just killed that)
I love this New York sh*t n*gga
(Yo yo Mean play that sh*t)

[Verse 1]
In Queens buying drink from Illz
Pimpin' on the queen that's how I used to pay my bills
Buildin' up a queen is how I made my first mil'
I ain't have to sign, the strip club was my deal
Got my first advance forty G's sittin' still
Thought it wasn't real, Imma shed a tear
I pimped about fourteen b*tches that year
Future so cloudy now I see it so clear
Finally got diamonds so clean in my ear
For real
Do VVS in my grill
And (?)
In Harlem buying drink from Illz
I used to watch Harlem videos to get ideas
And now I be in Harlem it's "Oowee" when they see us
Love from all my peers
Tightened up my gears
Charges that I beat offer me life or forty years
Preaching to these streets cuz when I talk they do him
Get up out them woods boy cuz' here you just a deer
This ain't bout' no tough sh*t it ain't about no fear
But when demons do appear will you die where you live?
Big booty b*tches on the couches all year
Too many movie stars I done start sellin film
Too many foreign cars sh*t I need a colliseum
Tupac drank from Illz got me high above the rim
The Juice n*gga
The Juice
Illz where the syrup?
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